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Biological Sciences 4

Instructor: Harriet Wilson

Announcements as of: Tuesday, August 23, 2017.

Wonderful Wednesday microbiology students! This site will be undergoing a massive update during the month of August, so please use the alternative microbiology site ( for current information.

Your first homework assignment can be found in the Bio. 4 Lecture Syllabus (see link below) and is entitled "Web-based Laboratory Assignment". Please use the version posted on the site. That said, there is information about the Biological Sciences Department that can only be found on this site, so you will want to access both.

Versions of the lecture notes and laboratory syllabus currently available on this site contain significant errors, so please use materials from the site until instructed otherwise. Thank you for your patients.

Important email reminder:
if you are a currently enrolled microbiology student, please use my exclusive, class "" email address (see class syllabus information) to contact me instead of the "" address listed elsewhere.



Web-based Learning Support Tools:

Bullet: Drawing of a virus

Class Syllabus Information (Schedules, etc.)

Bullet: Drawing of a zygo

Bio. 4 Lecture Notes

Bio. 4 Lecture Syllabus

Bio. 4 Laboratory Syllabus

Bullet: Drawing of a hema

Web-based Laboratory Assignments

Bullet: Drawing of a diatom

Study Guide (Questions and Answers)

Bullet: Drawing of a cocci

Current Quiz and Exam Keys

Bullet: Drawing of a head

Progress Reports (Grade sheets)

Bullet: Drawing of a cleist

Laboratory Visuals:

Photomicrographs (feb2016)

Illustrations and Diagnostic Tests

Bullet: Drawing of conidia

Microbiology Laboratory

Microscope Images: Image 1 - Image 2

Environmental (Field) Microbiology

Additional Study Aids

Bio. Sci. Dept. Study Techniques

Links to other Microbiology/Biology Web sites

If I can do this, you can succeed at Microbiology, too!


Did you know? Orchids of various types
form symbiotic relationships with fungi (mycorrhizae).

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