Sierra College Department of Biological Sciences

Microbiology Laboratory Visuals for Review

NOTE: Please visit the Bio. Sci. Slide Collection for information regarding the use of these materials. Magnifications are approximate.

This is not a complete study guide for testing purposes. It can be used as a study resource after viewing the materials in the lab. Images stored here will not necessarily be the same as those used for quizzes or exams.



• Direct Stain

• Indirect Stain

• Gram Stain

• Acid-Fast Stain

• Malachite Green Stain #1

• Malachite Green Stain #2

• Dorner Method Endospore Stain

• Capsule Stain

WBC—White Blood Cells

• Basophil

• Eosinophil

• Lymphocyte

• Monocyte

• Neutrophil

Diagnostic Tests (some of those used in class)

• Bile Esculin

• Blood Agar - Hemolysis Reactions

• Carbohydrate Deeps

• Citrate Utilization

• Lysine Decarboxylase Test

• Methyl Red (MR) Test

• O/F Test

• Sulfur Indole Motility (SIM)

• Triple Sugar Iron (TSI) - Set #1

• Triple Sugar Iron (TSI) - Set #2

• Urea Hydrolysis / Urease Test

• Voges Proskauer (VP) Test

Use of Selective and Differential Media and Replica Plating

• Replica Plating

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