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Introductory Information:
Everyday new information is becoming available to anyone and everyone in the world who can reach a computer. For your convenience and learning enjoyment, we are providing these Internet links in hopes of assisting you in using the Internet as an educational tool to access interesting and informational sites about the Biological Sciences. Although we can not control, verify their accuracy or endorse the content of these Web sites, we have attempted to select the best informational and creative sites of which we are aware. Please remember that any one can publish a web page and not all information is valid or useful. In some cases, you may need to be creative in your searches to find the information you desire. If you are looking for information to be included in written assignments, remember to copy down the web address and "publisher" as well as the information you find. Do not copy information directly and pretend that you wrote it. The sites listed here were considered to be more stable. We apologize if any of these links "go dead" when we are not "looking". If you find another great source of Web information or notice "broken links", we would appreciate an email letting us know. Please email Jim Wilson at with your suggestions. Please use your browsers "Back" button to return to this page as needed.

Web Search Engines:
We have also provided you with a variety of different Web search engine links (on the page "Additional Web Search Information"), search engines that may be of more help to you in finding specific types of information. Some of the common search engines, like Google, will have helpful information on their sites as to how best construct your searches for information. Example: - for instance, did you know that if you type in to Google's search engine "Define: Biology" it will specifically return Web definitions for the term "Biology" - this can be very useful for students learning new terms. Take a moment and look at the Search page.

Additional Web Search Information

The science related Web sites on this page are listed by special topics and by the various disciplines within the Biological Sciences field. Please "scroll" down to view all links provided.

Biological Sciences Disciplines

Anatomy - Human

WebAnatomy - University of Minnesota (images, self tests, etc.)

Human Anatomy - Penn State University

Histology - Tissue Types

Review of Rat Anatomy - University of Tennessee at Martin

Unit 6 - Anatomy & Physiology

Net Anatomy - Cadaver References

Major Superficial Muscles (models, testing)

Anatomical Model Index (Palomar College)

Anatomy Lab Simulator - Michigan State University

Biology - General

Online Biology Book - Estrella Mountain Community College

Biology Lab Reviews

The Biology Project - The University of Arizona

Kimball's Biology Pages (Online)

Botany - Plant Sciences

California Native Plant Society

CalPhotos Database - Plants

• Biology of Plants - Raven, Evert & Eichhorn (flash cards, interactive exercises, video clips)

• California Plant Names - Latin & Greek Meanings and Derivations

• California Academy of Sciences - California Wildflowers

• The Fungi of California (mykoweb)

• Calflora

• Garden Web Glossary

• Erowid - "Documenting the Complex Relationship Between Humans & Psychoactives" (poisonous, medicinal plants)

• Index to Treatments and Keys From The Jepson Manual

Cellular and Molecular Biology - Cells

Protein Synthesis

Cell Biology Animation

The Operon

RNA Synthesis: Transcription

"The Inner Life of a Cell" - Animated Movie

"The Inner Life of a Cell" - BioVisions/Harvard Narrated Version

Cell Size and Scale - Univ. of Utah

Ecology and Natural History

Global Climate Change (Global Warming) - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Science Daily - Ecology News

My Footprint Quiz

Population Connection

Population Dynamics - Demographic Transition

Environmental Literacy Council

The Population Institute

United Nations Population Fund

(Also, see "Ecosystems" in the Special Topics list (below))


Understanding Evolution - UC Berkeley

Understanding Evolution - Evolution 101

Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science (Chapt. 5)

Evolution Happens!

Unit 3 Evolution

Histroy of Life Through Time - UC Berkeley

Genetics - Mendelian and Molecular (DNA - RNA)

DNA Workshop Activity - Public Broadcasting System On-line

DNA Introduction - Eureka Science

Nucleic Acids (DNA and RNA) - Visionlearning

Human Genetics Problem Set (The Biology Project - Univ. of Arizona)

Human Genome Project


American Society for Microbiology - ASM

Northern California Branch of the American Society for Microbiology

Center for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC

SLIME - Subsurface Life In Mineral Environments

Apathy is Lethal - HIV / AIDS Information

Medline Plus Health Information (medical dictionaries)

Microbiology and Immunology On-line (University of South Carolina, School of Medicine) - " The Microbiology Information Portal"

Fungi - The Fifth Kingdom

Biological Diversity: Bacteria and Archaeans


Todar's Online Textbook of Bacteriology


Essentials of Human Physiology - Medical College of Georgia

Zoology - Animal Sciences

Elginerpeton pacheni - Devonian Times

Tree of Life Web Project

Terrestrial Vertebrates - Stegocephalians

Special Topics and Other Sciences


Chemistry of Life - Biochemistry - The Biology Project


National Center for Biotechnology Information - NCBI

Geospiza, Inc. - Education


Chemistry for Biologists - Royal Society of Chemistry

WebElements - Periodic Table

Conservation - Natural Resources

Forest Forever - graphic site

Global Climate Change (Global Warming)

"Global Warming News" - Science Daily

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC - WMO - UNEP)

Global Warming Center -

Focus the Nation

An Inconvenient Truth - Movie Trailer

Climate Crisis - Inconvenient Truth Web Site

NPR - Climate Connections


California Vernal Pools

The Concept of the Ecosystem

Educational Institions

Placer County's List of California Schools, Colleges and Universities

CSU Sacramento - Biological Sciences Web Site

UC Davis - Biological Sciences Web Site



History of the Biological Sciences

Antony van Leeuwenhoek

Brief History of Microbiology - Leicester

Another Brief History of Microbiology - Hurlbert


California Academy of Sciences

Online Biology Textooks

Online Biology Book - Estrella Mountain Community College

Kimball's Biology Pages (Online)

Photography - Special Sites for the Biological Sciences

Biological Image Awards 2006


Science - General

Portal: Science (Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

Study and Learning

VARK Inventory - Explore Your Learning Styles

Recommended Study Techniques (Sierra College Bio. Sci.)

"Your Toolbox for Science Classes" - J. Crimando

Sierra College

Sierra Nevada Virtual Museum

Image 1 | Image 2 - Close-ups of Sierra's AO Microscopes