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Microbiology Study Guide "Questions"

The Biological Science 4 - Microbiology Study Guide is now available for download as a PDF file or as a printed document at the Sierra College Bookstore.

Microbiology Study Guide by Harriet Wilson - (PDF File)

Microbiology Study Guide "Answers"

Bio. Sci. 4
Harriet Wilson

The questions included in this study guide are representative of those found on quizzes and exams given in the microbiology course provided by Harriet Wilson. For your convenience, most of the sample lecture questions have been divided into sets according to the topics indicated on your lecture schedule. Four sample lab. exams (two for lab. exam #1 and two for lab. exam #2) are also included. Most duplicate questions have been eliminated.

• History of Microbiology

• Characteristics of Life and Biochemistry

• Cell Membrane Structure and Function

• Eucaryotic and Procaryotic Cells

• Taxonomy and Classification

• Introduction to Archaea and Bacteria

• Introduction to Fungi

• Introduction to Algae

• Introduction to Protozoa

• Introduction to Multicellular Parasites

• Microbial Nutrition and Growth

• Microbial Metabolism, Enzymes and ATP

• Fermentation and Cellular Respiration

• Photosynthesis

• DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis

• Regulation of Gene expression (Genetic Control)

• Genes and Mutations

• Mechanisms of Genetic Exchange and Recombinant DNA Techniques

• Introduction to Prions, Viroids and Viruses

• Control of Microorganisms and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

• Non-specific Resistance (Innate Immunity and Normal Flora)

• Specific Defense and Immunology

• Immunization and Hypersensitivity

• Epidemiology and Disease Transmission

• Pathology and Mechanisms of Pathogenicity and Bacterial Diseases

• Laboratory Exam I (Example I)

• Laboratory Exam I (Example II)

• Laboratory Exam II (Example I)

• Laboratory Exam II (Example II)

• Suggested Study Techniques - see printed version in study guide.

Bio. Sci. Recommended Study Techniques (Web Version)

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