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Bio. Sci. 4 - Microbiology Lecture Notes

Harriet Wilson, Instructor

The lecture notes included here were compiled from notes used in class, but are without diagrams or figures (many of which are available in textbooks and on the Internet). Questions appearing on quizzes and lecture exams will be written from information presented during lectures, and students are responsible for that information, not necessarily what is included here (although the two will cover the same topics, and will be very similar). Attendance of all lecture presentations as well as laboratory sessions is highly recommended. Lecture files - Copyright 2008 Harriet S. Wilson. All Rights Reserved.

Lecture topics are arranged in the order indicated in the lecture schedule, and this schedule will be maintained as much as possible throughout the semester. That said, lecture quizzes will cover only material presented in class (usually two lectures per quiz), so students must be responsible for keeping track of the topics completed prior to each quiz. Exam content is indicated in the lecture schedule.


Lecture Notes (PDF):

• Indroduction and Brief History of Microbiology

• Life and Chemistry

• Cell Membrane

• Eukaryotic Cell Structure and Function (Part 1)

• Eukaryotic Cell Structure and Function (Part 2)

• Prokaryotic Cell Structure and Function

• Taxonomy and Identification (Classification) of Microorganisms

• Introduction to Prokaryotic Organisms, the Archaea and Bacteria

• Introduction to Fungi

• Introduction to Algae

• Introduction to Protozoa

• Introduction to Multicellular Parasites

• Microbial Nutrition and Growth

• Enzymes, ATP and Bioenergetics

• Fermentation and Cellular Respiration

• Photosynthesis and Biosynthesis

• DNA, RNA, Replication and Transcription

• RNA and Protein Synthesis

• Control of Metabolic Processes

• Genes and Mutations

• Mechanisms of Genetic Exchange

• Introduction to Viroids and Prions (and) Introduction to Viruses

• Control of Microorganisms

• Host Defense Mechanisms - Innate Immunity

• Host Defense Mechanisms - Adaptive or Acquired Immunity

• Immunization and Hypersensitivity

• Epidemiology (quickie version)

• Pathology and Mechanisms of Pathogenicity (quicky version)

Bio. Sci. Recommended Study Techniques (Web Version)

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