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Alice Litton
has created a Powerpt. file - now converted to PDF format - of the photomicrographs available for lab exam #1. The taxonomy is intended to be consistent with the information provided in the laboratory during the current semester (spring 2006). If you find any errors, please let us know. The powerpt was converted to PDF files for those without Powerpt. software. Depending on your browser setting, the files will either download or be viewed within your browser or (worse yet) not be visible at all. There are four files in the set. Depending on your connecting speed, the first file may take longer to view (download). Please be patient.

• Lab exam #1 - PDF file (part 1) - 1.7MB

• Lab exam #1 - PDF file (part 2) - 548KB

• Lab exam #1 - PDF file (part 3) - 460KB

• Lab exam #1 - PDF file (part 4) - 584KB

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