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Human Physiology

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Spring 2012 Semester

Keri Muma - All Bio. 6 Classes

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Function, regulation, and homeostasis of systems in the human body. Recommended for students in nursing, medicine, physical education, physical and occupational therapy, psychology, and life science majors. Experiments on nonliving systems, blood and circulation, muscle, nervous system and sense organs, ion balance and fluid environment, endocrines, respiration, and digestion. (CAN BIOL 12) (With Bio.Sci. 5, CAN BIOL SEQ B)
Units: 5; Advisory: Completion of English 50, or eligibility for English 11, or equivalent strongly recommended; Prerequisite: Completion of Chem. 2A or higher level Chemistry course and Bio.Sci. 5 or 7A/7B or 55
Transfer: CSU/UC*

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