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Enrollment Guide & Resources

(for prospective students and student counselors)

This page is designed to assist students and counselors with resources, recommendations and information to be used when selecting and enrolling in Biological Sciences classes. In addition to using the information presented here, we also recommend talking to the counselors and department members directly.

Please read the important precautionary note ("disclaimer") at the end of this page.

Sierra College offers an unusually broad selection of biological courses that are designed to meet diverse student needs. Please consult the Sierra College catalogue and meet with your counselor to identify those courses which meet the needs for biology majors and non-majors, and to determine which courses are transferable (to CSU, UC, etc.)

Suggestions for counselors and students from the Bio. Sci. Dept. members

Which Bio. Sci. Course Should I Take? (a course selection guide)

Expanded Bio. Sci. Course Descriptions

Matrix to Specific Class Web Sites (if they are available)

Recommended Study Techniques

Bio. Sci. Staff Contact Information

Bio. Sci. Department Web Site Home Page

Sierra College Class Schedule (online)

Sierra College Web Site Home Page

Please contact Jim Wilson,
if you find errors or have suggestions for improvement of this enrollment guide.

Important precautionary note ("disclaimer"):

Note: Information on this page is subject to change and may not be current, although every attempt (time permitting) will be made to keep it current. Information supplied is not in any way a legal substitute for the current catalog or other official Sierra College publications. Please confirm this information by consulting directly with Sierra College staff and the current printed catalog prior to making any educational decisions. Specific topics in each course may vary as different instructors teach specific sections or may vary by which semester the class is offered. Consult with each specific instructor currently teaching course for specific content & topic outlines, in addition to their class web pages. The information presented here is general by its nature and is not intended to replace specific course information or requirements presented in class.

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