Sierra ASM

Sierra Student ASM

Sierra College Student Chapter of the American Society for Microbiology

Participate in Events and Activities!

Sierra Student ASM members are encouraged to participate in a variety of on-campus events organized through the Associated Students of Sierra College (ASSC), and the Sierra Student ASM. Students interested in microbiology are also encouraged to participate in off-campus events including the fall and spring conferences organized by the Northern California Branch of the American Society for Microbiology (NCASM), meetings scheduled through the national organization (ASM), and field excursions scheduled during our regular meetings.

Engaging in club activities is a great way to meet people, make friends, gain leadership skills, and acquire knowledge while having fun and helping others. If you are interested in microbiology, and looking for ways to connect with other students, we hope you will join us.

Students sharing pizza on the Rocklin Campus.Moldy Halloween Jack-o-lantern asking for help.Students around ASM display table on the Rocklin campus.

On-Campus Events and Activities

On-campus activities include participation in the Wolverine Week club rush and contests, Sierra College Natural History Museum Open House presentations in the microbiology laboratory, table presentations during regularly scheduled events including Earth Day, Love Your Body Week, People and Cultures day, Dinosaur Day, etc., and staffing the ASSC elections.

Students can also participate individually to earn club points during campus clean-ups, food drives, tallent shows and competitions scheduled by ASSC and coordinated by Campus Life personnel. Interested club members also meet frequently in Sewell Hall to engage in hands-on microbiology research activities and educational presentations.

Students participating in a chocolate eating contest on the Rocklin campus.Access to Education display in the Microbiology lab on the Rocklin campus.Students beside ASM display table on the Rocklin campus.

Off-Campus Events and Activities

Off-campus activities include excursions to various locations. The Northern California Branch of the American Society for Microbiology (NCASM), hosts two Bay Area conferences each year, and many club members attend. The national organization (ASM) schedules conferences in California on a rotating basis, and these are great learning opportunities.

In addition to NCASM conferences, field excursions arranged and scheduled by the Sierra Student ASM during 2014 included a UC Davis brewery tour conducted by Charlie Bamforth (Anheuser-Busch endowed professor), and a tour of the City of Roseville's Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility. We are planning a visit to the College of Biological Sciences DNA Sequencing Facility at UC Davis, early this spring.

Charlie Bamforth giving a tour of UC Davis brewing facility.Student and advisor at the ASM General Meeting in San Diego.Students attending NCASM meeting in Santa Clara.

Students participating in off-campus events are accompanied by one or more club advisors, and compensation is often available to offset the cost of lodging and transportation to distant locations.