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Microbial Research Opportunities!

Our current research project involves six species of Deinococcus

Research participants are currently investigating six Deinococcus strains isolated by students in Sierra College microbiology classes (Bio. Sci. 4). Tentative identification was initially based on 16S r-RNA gene nucleotide sequence analysis. The overall goal of Sierra ASM members participating in research activities is gaining laboratory experience and achieving publication in a peer review microbiology journal.

Fluorescent DNA banding patterns in agarose gelPCR purification spin columns in a centrifuge rotor.Parts of three 16S r-RNA gene nucleotide sequences.

Characterizing six Deinococcus isolates

The research team is now working to characterize the six Deinococcus strains isolated. Microscopic observations have been made and recorded, fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) analyses have been completed and the 23S r-RNA gene nucleotide sequences are being determined. Images of colonies formed by our Deinococcus strains growing on nutrient agar are included below.

Additional research required

Addition testing will involve determining which organic compounds these strains can utilize as single carbon sources, and the sensitivity of these strains to ultra violet radiation. As more information is collected, the characteristics of these Deinococcus strains will be more completely determined.