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The Earth is a special place in the universe. This planet is a dynamic home to millions of living animals, plants and other organisms. From pole to pole, the extreme variety of land forms, climates and biological interactions have produced many different places or habitats for living creatures "call" home, including us. The life on this planet exhibits a beautiful diversity of life styles, shapes and behaviors.

As biologists and fellow inhabitants, we invite you to explore, discover, study and learn about our biological neighbors with which we share this home. Take time to learn about your neighborhood and its inhabitants, whether your neighborhood includes areas close by or far away. By doing so, you can feel "at home" anywhere you might travel on the Earth.

Through this Web site and Sierra College, we offer you two basic methods of learning about your environment and its inhabitants.

If you would prefer to join with others and learn in a more structured, educational setting, Sierra College provides a number of field study classes or opportunities for you to participate in each semester. Choose the "FIELD STUDY" link below.

If you want to explore and learn on your own, we offer you information and introductions to a variety of "nearby" areas that you might want to hike and explore. Choose the "EXPLORE" link below.

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