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The environment is all that surrounds us including the air, the land, and the Earth's diverse inhabitants. We are one of many that share the Earth as home.

As social animals, we spend much of our time interacting with each other and living within or depending upon our social systems and structures. As a species, we are builders, using various forms of technology as an interface between our biological needs and the environment.

Leave some of your technology behind and take a walk to see your home.

If you are looking for great places to hike and view biology, we are listing some our favorite places from near by Sierra College to far away. As time permits, we will continue to build the site. The locations included here are usually of special biological or ecological interest as well as just being great places to visit. If you are looking for more of a guided learning experience, rich with information, consider one of Sierra's field trips. We are also listing other hiking Web sites that provide similar information.

Although we encourage you to explore the natural places, we want you to do so safely and carefully. Please use common sense and reasonable precautions when traveling. Take plenty of water to drink, hike with a friend or friends, let others know where you are going, take sun protection (lotions, shirts, hats...), good food, bring a few basic first aid supplies, any prescription medicines, small flashlight if there is any possibility of returning in the dark, and a cell phone, although there are many areas without a signal for the phone to connect to. And if you still have space in your daypack, of course, bring a camera, film or batteries (if needed), book or other items as you may wish. Although this might seem like a contradiction, travel light, take only what you need, plan ahead and enjoy the trip.

On this site we have provided you with directions to the locations. It still would be advisable to look-up the areas and directions on local maps in order to be confident you know where you are going. Also, consider bringing a topo or detailed road map with you if the area is not a well established trail or site.

Weather and local access conditions may change more often than this Web site. Consult local weather predictions for the time you are planning on going and dress accordingly. Many of these places are beautiful right after a storm, and many change their appearance with the seasons, so go often and enjoy the changes. Consider wearing layers of clothing in order to easily adjust for weather changes during the day while you are out. Some areas may have local use restrictions, fees, regulations and access rules that are designed to safeguard you and the environments you are visiting. Call ahead and check for current conditions and access information before you go. If you need special accommodations, contact the locations or organizations for availability information.

( The Weather Channel | NOAA National Weather Service | Yahoo! Weather | Weather )

Be a steward for the places you visit. Ecology and personal experience teaches us that your presence in an area will have an impact. Be careful and take care of the places you visit. If you will not respect these locations, we should not be creating websites like this one to open new "doors" that encourage you to go to these special places. Help keep these places beautiful and un-littered by your presence. Be careful to not damage the plant life or unnecessarily disturb the local wildlife and their habitats. Take out any trash you carried in and consider bringing a small garbage bag to pick up a few extra pieces of litter you may find along the way. We are not asking you to spend the day cleaning up, just make your presence a "plus" for the areas you visit. It is our hope that by encouraging you to visit these special places, you will in-turn appreciate and care for these locations.

Send us an email if you visit one of these locations. We would like to hear from you. Let us know how was your trip. We may like to share with others some of your comments, suggestions and pictures on this Web site. If you have additional sites you would like us to add, please send us the information. Thanks.

Places and Natural Areas to Hike and Explore*

Local Sites - Sierra College District and Nearby Areas
(Placer, Nevada, Sacramento and El Dorado Counties)

Sierra College Nature Area and Trail
Sierra College Arboretum
Auburn State Recreational Area
Pine Hill
Lake Folsom State Park
Stevens Trail - Colfax
Donner State Park
American River Recreational Area - Lower Region (Sacramento Bike Trail)

California – the State of "Golden" Diversity

Point Reyes National Seashore
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Anza Borrego State Park
Death Valley National Park
Gray Lodge Wildlife Area
Lassen National Park
Mono Lake

Beyond the Borders of California

Ruby Mountains – Nevada
Mt. Rainer National Park
Washington's North Coast

Links to other Hiking Web Sites

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and linked to their respective pages.
Please come back later and see what we have added.

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