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Bio. Sci. 56 - Biology: A Human Perspective: Course Detail

(3 units / lect. only; lab offered separately - see Bio. Sci. 56L)

Full-Time Faculty Lead: Linda Banta

Catalog Description: A study of the principles of biology emphasizing the human organism, including anatomy, physiology, medicine, research, genetics, evolution, and ecology. Not recommended for Biological Sciences majors. To fulfill a laboratory requirement, Bio. Sci. 56L must be taken concurrently.

Additional Info.: Bio. Sci. 56 & 56L Biology: A Human Perspective use many of the traditional lab materials from the anatomy lab are used for instruction. In addition to labs on laboratory techniques, cellular processes, human anatomy and human physiology, however, a major focus of this class includes an introduction to the relationships of humans to their environment. Often field trips and labs to selected areas of environmental significance are included. Students interested in the various nursing fields may be found taking this course as an introduction to more rigorous courses in biology later on. If taken concurrently with the lab, this course is another general education alternative provided by the Bio. Sci. Dept. for Sierra's students.

Typical class outline might include:

Organization Of Life, Similarities And Variations Of Living Systems, Basic Chemistry/Measurement, Chemistry Of Living Systems Including Me, Living Molecules, Cells And Tissues, Processing And Maintenance Of The Body, Digestion, Respiration, Circulation, Excretion, Integration And Coordination, Communication & Regulation Mechanisms, Skeletal System, Muscle System, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Reproduction & Environmental Interaction, Joy And Sorrow Of Sexual Reproduction, Genetics, Adaptation And Survival, Ecological Ethics, Land Use Planning, Redwood Controversy Game

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