Sierra College Department of Biological Sciences

Bio. Sci. 4 - Microbiology: Course Detail

(5 units / lect. & lab. combined)

Full-Time Faculty Lead: Harriet Wilson

Catalog Description: Introduction to the biochemistry, morphology, physiology, genetics, classification, and importance of microorganisms, especially bacteria and viruses. Emphasis on medically important organisms and their impact on human health.

(CAN BIOL 14) - Prerequisite: Completion of Chemistry A or 1A or 2A or 3A/3B or high school chemistry

Additional Info.: Bio. Sci. 4 Microbiology is a rigorous course that introduces students to a variety of microorganisms and the laboratory techniques necessary for microbial manipulation, investigation and identification. Because microbiology is a requirement for allied health field majors, there is an emphasis on medically important microbes and their impact on human health. The newer techniques associated with Recombinant DNA and immunology have been added to the more traditional curriculum. Students taking this course tend to be highly motivated, dedicated, and enthusiastic about the subject. Recently the lab hours per week was changed from 3 to 6 at the recommendation of students realizing the benefits of having the additional lab work time to compete assignments in this lab intensive course.

Typical class outline might include:

History of Microbiology, Biochemistry, Cell Membrane Structure & Function, Review of Eucaryotic Cells, Functions of Organelles, Procaryotic Cells, Taxonomy (Classification), Introduction to Bacteria, Introduction to Fungi (Include Slime Mold), Introduction to Algae, Introduction to Protozoa, Introduction to Multicellular Parasites, Microbial Nutrition and Growth, Microbial Metabolism, Enzymes & ATP, Fermentation & Cellular Respiration, Photosynthesis & Biosynthesis, DNA, RNA, & Protein Synthesis, Regulation of Gene Expression (Genetic Control), Genes & Mutations, Mechanisms of Genetic Exchange & Recombinant DNA Technology, Introduction to Viruses, Control of Microbes & Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Normal Flora & Nonspecific Resistance, Specific Defense & Immunology, Immunization & Hypersensitivity, Processes of Infection & Epidemiology, Mechanisms of Pathogenicity, Selected Microbial Infections and Agents

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