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Bio. Sci. 35 - Introduction to Entomology: Course Detail

(2 units / lect. & lab. combined - does not qualify as a lab. science for general ed.)

Full-Time Faculty Lead: Charles Dailey

Catalog Description: Emphasizes the importance of insects and their biology, natural history, identification, and importance. Usually offered alternate Spring semesters. Recommended for general education students, forestry, agriculture, and elementary education majors.

Additional Info: Bio. Sci. 35 Introduction to Entomology is a non-transfer course for personal interest. It is useful for backyard gardeners, foresters, landscapers, fisherman and for personal appreciation of the most abundant group of animals on the planet. It is typically offered every other Spring as an evening class to make it available to a wide range of students. Many students currently working in some other related field and needing a basic background or additional information on insects enroll in this class to enrich their working understanding of entomology.

Typical class outline might include:

Introduction to Entomology, Characteristics of Insect Orders, Evolution of specific insect adaptations, Fossil forms, Anatomy & Physiology of Insects, Related Arthropods groups, Ecology Concepts, Insect Behavior, Reproduction, Economic Importance of Insects, History of Interactions with Humans, Review of procedures for studying and maintaining educational collections of insects, and Review of specific local species.

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