Sierra College Department of Biological Sciences

Bio. Sci. 30 - Introduction to Ornithology: Course Detail

(2 units / lect. & lab. combined - does not qualify as a lab. science for general ed.)

Full-Time Faculty Lead: Charles Dailey

Catalog Description: Stresses the identification, biology, and natural history of the birds, emphasizing Californian examples, and their interrelationships with humanity.

Additional Info.: Bio. Sci. 30 Introduction to Ornithology has continued for years to serve students interested in learning about the identification and biology of birds. As in the other non-major classes, a specific group of organisms of interest to the students are used to illustrate and present many of the basic concepts of biology. Of the animal groups, birds draw an incredible degree of interest from individuals in our community and are of the most visible and easily seen. Introduction to Ornithology provides students with practical natural history skills, an understanding and comparison of their anatomy & physiology, behavior, evolutionary relationships and ecology. This class is designed to meet a variety of student needs, some job related, hobby related, and major related, yet not be so involved as to qualify for a laboratory science, general education class. It is offered at least every other year either at the Grass Valley Center or at the Rocklin campus.

Typical class outline might include:

Intro. to Ornithology, Basic Biology Concepts, Importance & Characteristics of Birds, Bird Identification & Observational techniques, Evolution & Speciation of Birds, Distribution of Fossil and Living examples of Class Aves, Orders of Living Birds - Local and World-wide examples, Taxonomy (Orders), Distributions of Species, Anatomy & Physiology of Birds, Feathers & Flight (anatomy, arrangement, diversity, functions, maintenance), Ecology & Birds, Migration & Winter Behaviors, Vocalizations and Feeding, Reproduction & Breeding Behavior - courtship, territories, nesting and the egg (anatomy and care), survivorship & population dynamics (care and development of young), Birds and Humans, Endangered Species and Extinction, Identification & Behavior of Local Birds.

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