Sierra College Department of Biological Sciences

Bio. Sci. 3 - General Zoology : Course Detail

(4 units / lect. & lab. combined)

Full-Time Faculty Lead: Charles Dailey

Catalog Description: A detailed survey of the animal kingdom stressing functional anatomy of the major organ systems and ecology of the animals.

Recommended for life science majors, premedical, preveterinarian, and related preprofessional programs. Biological Sciences 14, 33, 44, or 56-56L recommended for non-life science majors.

(CAN BIOL 4) - Prerequisite: Completion of Bio. Sci. 1 or Bio. Sci. 33

Additional Info.: Bio. Sci. 3 General Zoology is for Biology majors planning to specialize in human or animal biology, i.e. medicine, wildlife management, etc. It stresses functional anatomy and ecology of a wide variety of animals. Six hours of lab per week provides time for field activities in local habitats and use of the Sierra College Museum's displays to illustrate current applications of course information. Laboratory work emphasizes abundant use of "hands-on" zoological specimens from the department’s rich and diverse animal and fossil collection from around the world.

Typical class outline might include:

Ecology, Classification, Protozoa, Sponges, Radiate Animals, Corals, Flatworms, Roundworms, Mollusks, Cephalopods, Annelids, Aquatic Arthropods, Trilobites, Terrestrial Arthropods, Peripatus, Centipedes, Insects, Echinoderms, Embryology, Chordates, Amphioxus, Lamprey, Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Primates, Genetics/Chromosomes, Neural Octapeptides, Comparative anatomy, Skeletal Zoology in the year 50,000,000

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