Sierra College Department of Biological Sciences

Bio. Sci. 23 - Wildflower Identification: Course Detail

(1/2 unit / lect. & lab. combined - does not qualify as a lab. science for general ed. // Special note: also taught as Env. Hort. 181)

Full-Time Faculty Lead: Shawna Martinez

Catalog Description: Field trip to the local foothills for plant identification, keying, uses, and ecology.

Additional Info.: Bio. Science 23 Wildflower Identification is an introductory course that provides a more formal opportunity for students from many disciplines to learn the techniques of "keying" in general and to study specifically groups of wildflowers by taxonomic classification or habitats. Within the broad field of biology, wild flower botany is a popular topic and one which is politically more important due to California's increasing population growth. We expect this course to serve specific needs for many community groups, schools and individual students who want to learn more about flowering plants, yet do not need nor are ready for a full term botany class.

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