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Bio. Sci. 2 - Botany : Course Detail

(4 units / lect. & lab. combined)

Full-Time Faculty Lead: Shawna Martinez

Catalog Description: A detailed survey of the kingdoms Protista, Fungi and Plants. Structure, function, ecology, and evolution of each group. Emphasis placed on the plant kingdom. Ecological and evolutionary principles stressed. Correlation of such principles with facts and modern biology.

Non-life science majors see Biological Sciences 14, 22, and 44.

(CAN BIOL 6) - Prerequisite: Completion of Bio. Sci. 1

Additional Info.: Bio. Sci. 2 Botany meets the lower division requirement for majors in biology, botany, forestry, horticulture, and related fields. Students will increasingly elect to take major's botany at Sierra College prior to transferring to a four-year institution where costs are much higher and where enrollment caps are becoming more common. Scheduled laboratories include some fieldwork utilizing the campus and Secret Ravine Outdoor Classroom as well as important local environmental sites. Botany students at Sierra have a great opportunity to work and study with live specimens representing the many plant groups.

Typical class outline might include:

Intro. to Botany, Classification, Systematics, Kingdom Monera, Kingdom Protista (algaes), Kingdom Fungi, Lichens, Vernal Pools, Nonvascular Plants, Seedless Vascular Plants, Seed Plants: Gymnosperms, Flowering Plants, Life Cycle and Fruits, Flowering Plant Families, Plant Structure: Cells, Early Development: Tissues: Soils, Plant Anatomy and Physiology, Respiration, Photosynthesis, Ecology, Evolution

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