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Summer 2007 - Independent Projects - ".ab1" Files

(See below list for software and other links, as needed.)

Find your name - mouse click on the link to immediately download a compressed folder, with your ".ab1" project files contained within (compressed using Stuffit (.sit).

Note - Any students with the same name will have their lab time following their name.

Summmer Lab

1. Stephanie

2. Bobby

3. Kiera

4. Pavel

5. Joy

6. Sarina

7. Melanie

8. Summer

9. Genevieve

10. Katie

11. Johnna

12. Leslie

13. Rachel M

14. Larissa

15. Angie

16. Jennifer

17. Sandeep

18. Rachel K

19. Alina

20. Pam

21. Brian

22. Emily

23. Stacy

Files compressed by Stuffit - (.sit).
Free versions to expand the files are availabie.

4Peaks - visualize and edit their DNA sequence files (Mac)

BioEdit - biological sequence editor written for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

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