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Spring 2007 - Independent Projects - ".ab1" Files

(Tues-Thurs class sections only)

(See below list for software and other links, as needed.)

Find your name - mouse click on the link to immediately download a compressed folder, with your ".ab1" project files contained within (compressed using Stuffit (.sit).

Note - Any students with the same name will have their lab time following their name.

7:45 AM Lab

1:00 PM Lab

6:30 PM Lab

Anderson, D

Ayala, J

Beaton, D

Brambila, J

Cherry, J

Deme, M

Dillman, S

Doane, K

Forsey, B

Galvez, T

Geiger, A

Goerlich, A

Ignatia, L

Jorgensen, D

Keene, A

Konen, K

Lytle, T

Mater, C

Mcgee, E

Pocock, C

Rhines, R

Robnett, C

Slabchak, N

Stein, R

Wallace, N

Weeks, D

Zenoni, K

Agostino, A

Allen, J

Armonio, N

Bacco, L

Bitker, D

Countryman, L

Courtney, K

Cross, R

Ellis, J

Grady, S

Hagerty, S

Hassan, Z

Henry, C

Knigge, S

Mabie, J

Meyers, L

Moreland, J

Ortega, L

Paul, K

Quinn, T

Schmitz, C

Smith, N

Anders, A

Bingham, J

Ferchaud, L

Galvan, C

Gunn, T

Harrigan, B

Hays, J

Little, K

Mccrary, A

Metcalfe, T

Miller, C

Nakura, W

Nelson, J

Pendleton, R

Pfister, V

Pombo, J

Roberts, S

Rodriguez, F

Rogers, J

Shanley, B

Westlake, S

Woodall, R

Files compressed by Stuffit - (.sit).
Free versions to expand the files are availabie.

4Peaks - visualize and edit their DNA sequence files (Mac)

BioEdit - biological sequence editor written for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

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