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Fall 2008 - Independent Projects - ".ab1" Files

See below list for software and other links, as needed.

Find your name - mouse click on the link to immediately download a compressed folder, with your ".ab1" project files contained within (compressed using Stuffit (.sit).

*** REVISED as of Dec. 2, 2008 ***

7:50 AM Lab

2:00 PM Lab

6:00 PM Lab

Borets, V

Boulting, H

Butler, B

Callahan, K

Clarke, B

Clarke, B - 2

Cudney, M

Dommer, H

Hammond, S

Hampton, T

Lander, N

Lee, M

Lungu, A

Madriz, G

Mercer, K

Morris, B

O'Leary, I

Perkins, K

Rose, V

Ryan, R

Sutterfield, L

Taft, C

Wilson, J

Andress, S

Black, K

Borgen, L

Burbank, S

Davis, K

Donahue, B

Eccleston, G

Griffith, K

Grimes, S

Gulyas, L

Hawkins, H

Khasakia, M

Livesay, A

Martinez, E

Oluwafemi, O

Quero, C

Raetz, L

Rybka, O

Samson, A

Sessions, A

Sessions, A - 50

White, C

Williams, R

Babenko, M

Chavez, D

Gallagher, E

Hammond, C

Ignatchuk, A

Ignatchuk, A (2)

Jacobo, J

Johnson, A

Kennedy, S

Lehman, K

Lucchese, K

Marcucci, L

Nunnink, R

Peterson, D

Quigley, J

Tiffany, R

Williams, C

Woolgar, V

Bio. Sci. 28 - Katherine
1A 1B 2A 2B
3A 3B 4A 4B
5A 5B 6A 6B
7A 7B
New group (?) Nov 19

Files compressed by Stuffit - (.sit).
Free versions to expand the files are availabie.

4Peaks - visualize and edit their DNA sequence files (Mac)

BioEdit - biological sequence editor written for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

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