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Spring 2006 Independent Project ".ab1" Files
(Tues-Thurs class sections only)

(See below list for software and other links, as needed.)

Find your name - mouse click on the link to immediately download a compressed folder, using Stuffit (.sit), with your ".ab1" files contained within. Note - Brown,K1 and Brown,K7 attend different lab sections as indicated by time of day (1 VS 7).

Abraham, J

Adams, A

Amadieo, J

Anaya, M

Baker, E

Batstone, E

Beeler, L

Beier, R

Berry, C

Bimson, B

Blucher, K

Broom, B

Brown, C

Brown, K1

Brown, K7

Brown, R

Cairins, C

Chastain, H

Darden, M

Daugherty, A

DeFranco, A

Demchuk, V

DeNysschen, M

Dhanota, D

Evans, M

Flores, J

Foster, D

Gall, K

Gaughan, C

Govan, H

Harms, A

Harms, S

Jara, S

Johnson, K

Jones, K

Kailath, T

King, B

Knowles, N

Kuzmich, F

Lacey, J

Leonard, A

Lugo, E

Luken, T

Lysak, S

Maloney, M

Mazur, D

McKenzie, M

Meyer, S

Morgan, T

O'Farrel, R

Paul, D

Pelling, S

Preuss, L

Price, S

Remillard, J

Rose, O

Rosos, D

Roux, J

Ruiz, A

Sandhu, R

Sesek, M

Shrestha, B

StMartin, I

Stout, H

Thiara, M

Thompson, F

Wanner, J

Weddington, M

Wilson, S

Wollesen, D

Woodhouse, H

Yanagida, K

Files compressed by Stuffit - (.sit).
Free versions to expand the files are availabie.

4Peaks - visualize and edit their DNA sequence files (Mac)

BioEdit - biological sequence editor written for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

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