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By: Stacy Omelia

I choose to write about genetics. Genetics by definition is the scientific study of heredity and hereditary variations. Genetics is very important to understand when studying the biological sciences, because it is the basic foundation or makeup of all living things. You can study certain topics like chromosomes, reproductions, physical traits, cloning, illness, genetic and inherited and cancer.

The study of genetics is a large broad topic usually divided into four equally as overwhelming topics. The first is Classical genetics or Mendelian genetics, which is the study of how certain traits are passed along to one generation after the next. The second topic is Molecular genetics, which is the chemical and physical structure of DNA and RNA. Population’s genetics is the study of the genetic makeup of larger groups (i.e., different cultures or species). Finally, Quantitative genetics, which examines the statistical relationships between genes and the traits they encode. This specific topic basically compares how certain aspects of an individual’s environment may affect certain traits as apposed to there genetic makeup.

I found the study of the human X and Y chromosome to be a very important and interesting topic. The X and Y chromosome is the basis of each individual’s traits. They influence the inheritance of certain traits and how each individual will express these traits. It is also important because it can help determine certain genetic disorders.

I found this topic to be quite large and overwhelming ,but I also found it interesting that there is so much that make up an individual or species. There is some much that science can learn about genetics, how to cure certain disorders. This is really an amazing topic and there is so much more that I’m sure science will do with this topic.

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