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The introductory information for this site has been contributed as a joint assignment by students in Bio. Sci. 10.

Ethology (Animal Behavior)

By: Shannon Gee

Ethology is the study of animal behavior based on the observations, recordings, and analysis of how animals function, with consideration on physiological, ecological, and evolutionary aspects. There have been many laboratory and field experiments designated to test the role of natural selection. An organism's actions put into 2 classifications. With in this study we learned that the instinctive nature or learned behavior.

This instinctive natural behavior; for example is a common reaction, was not influenced by an animal's previous experiences; then latter comprised those actions, such as problem solving, that are dependent on earlier understanding. Current teaching and which will help to emphasize the interaction of the environment and genetically determined responses, especially during early development, of these animals. With these discovers we can better understand the animal world. I think that the development of animals in important to people if they in tend on keeping them as pets.

I feel that when people in tend to keep and maintain animal is there dwellings; they should be ready for what is to come as far as expenses are concerned. I feel that when we train animals to become or pets, I have a theory that they trail us to work with them instead of us trailing them. The aspect of animal behavior is plain and simple. Animals are like human they just can’t talk. If you look at people compared to the animal actions and reactions, they are very similar to one another. We need to learn and figure out a way to relate to them instead of thinking that they are so dangerous or are not smart. Just look at your animal and see if you can help yourself to better understand them.

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