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The introductory information for this site has been contributed as a joint assignment by students in Bio. Sci. 10.

Ecology - Terrestrial Ecology

By: Scott Simpson

Terrestrial Ecology

For my topic, I chose terrestrial ecology. Before I reasearched this topic, I felt that it would be the study of the environment in which we live in. To me, the study of ecology is the study of a particular area, and terrestrial seemed like it would be the earth, more specifically, a general type of climate the california is in. I’m going to discover and understand more of terrestrial exology for this paper.

Because I don’t REALLY know what terrestrial ecology is, it’s best to fine a good defention for it. According to the National Environmental Research Insititue, University of Aarhus, it’s “Terrestrial ecology describes the interaction between plants, animals, and the abiotic environment in terrestrial ecosystems.” Granted this institute is in Denmark, I think the defenition suites well. From what my guess of this defention and to what it really is, I felt I was pretty close, but seems as thought terrestrial ecology is more of how something works together, not just how that environment is.

The department in that particular reseach instiute, reseaches such things as how the natural life in an area is effected by plants and animals, and how human activies can also be of impact. Such impact would be polutants, and pestisides. This type of study would become ever much more important as humans expand into natural habitats and may effect those areas by construction.

As a pilot, airports, planes, and the expansion or at least keeping of airsrips open is vital for the community. Because of this, often reasearch must be done by groups of people to ensure the impact wouldn’t be too great, or at least the extent of it. Such research was done when the Honk Kong airport was built. “a great deal of effort has gone into safeguarding the natural habitat of terrestrial and marine lives in the vicinity of the airport. Preservation measures included planting trees around the airport; spearheading research on the Romer's Tree Frog to facilitate development of a conservation plan for the species in Hong Kong…” This type of reasearch is required for such construction, and would be what terrestrial ecology is about.

This particular topic is something I never thought too much about, but I can see how it plays such a great role in the day to day life I live in. Often Ill be somewhere and think, why don’t that build such and such here. Mabe that idea has been put into motion, but for the greater of that particular ecology, it was decided to do otherwise.

Hans Lokke, Director
“Welcome to Department of Terrestrial Ecology”

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