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Botany - Vascular Plants (2)

By: Kadie Delestine

1) Biological field or sub-topic chosen:
Vascular Plants

2) Define field or sub-topic:
Vascular plants are plants that have a vascular system which makes them different from a nonvascular plant. A vascular plant has lignified tissues, (They are also called chemical compounds, and have more than one cell type.) which organize substances that a plant needs to live, such as; water, minerals, and photosynthesis.

3) Describe in more detail the breath and depth of what could be studied or learned within this topic:
With the topic “Vascular Plants,” what could be learned or studied is not all plants have more than one cell type, only vascular plants which include ferns, clubmosses, and flowering plants. The vascular system in these plants generate through the entire “body” which can make these types of plants bigger than a nonvascular plant. All other plants have only one set of chromosomes; vascular plants have two sets of chromosomes per cell, which
make them grown bigger and faster than other plants.

4)Focusing on one major concept, principle, or group of organisms (as appropriate within the topic), describe its importance, relationships, functional aspects, or otherwise explain it in more depth as seems important to you and (potentially) the others in class:
How the vascular system works in the plant is the water and minerals travel through the plants xylem (which is a transportation tissue) that carries them toward the leaves from the root, while the phloem (living tissue) carry organic solutions out through the plant.

5) In studying and discovering more about this topic, what was the most interesting aspect, fact or some other piece of information that you have learned.
I have learned the difference between nonvascular and vascular plants, the way they work and how they differ from other types of living organisms. I found it interesting vascular plants grow faster and bigger than nonvascular.

6) References – provide references used and at least two Web sites with additional information on this topic (or sub-topic) for anyone that would like to learn more:,

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