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Botany - Plant Anatomy

By: Lori Anderson

Plant Anatomy

I chose the biological field of plant anatomy. This is best defined as the study of the inner working of plants form the roots to the flowers. It also focuses on where the plant came from and how they grow.

Within this area of plant anatomy the plant is taken apart and studied from the bottom to the top. This includes the root structure, the stem, the leaves, and finally the flower. We can learn many things about a plant by studying its origin and what it takes to grow and flourish. By studying the root system we can learn about the water and soil. By studying the stems, which appears to be similar to our spinal system, we learn what the specific plant is able to stand up to. By studying the leaves, which appears to be similar to our nervous system, we learn about the environment and outside factors that affect leaf growth. By studying the flower system, which is the reproductive part of the plant, we learn what can and cannot be put together to form new species of plants. Without the reproduction of new plants, then the species will disappear.

The root system is the most important part of the plant. Each plant requires different types of soil, nutrients, and different amounts of water. If a desert style plant that is not used to much water, is taken to an area with lots of yearly rain that species will not survive. It also works the opposite with a plant requiring lots of water, if it is placed in the desert it will not survive. There are different root systems that make up plants. Some plants have small root systems, some have larger root systems. Some root systems spread outwards, some go deep into the ground.

I was surprised to learn that there are differences in the root systems. I was under the impression that roots of plants were pretty much the same in all of them. Another interesting fact about roots that I learned was that the root system is spread out about the same distance as the branches, as in a tree. Plant roots can also break down the soil for the plant so that it can get the proper nutrients from the soil.

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