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Bio. Sci. 44 for the FALL 2007 Semester:

FALL Semester 2007

Biological Sciences 44: Introduction to Microbiology

Course Code: 53502


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Decorative image of mushroomBio. Sci. 44 is being taught ONLY as a hybrid online class.

This hybrid/online class utilizes Sierra College's Blackboard Distance Learning Site with additional support and coordination via this Web site. View the following Web site for general online information and Sierra College's Blackboard Orientation Requirements:

When you enroll as an online student you MUST complete the Blackboard orientation materials, if you have not already done so. Without this information you will not be able to access class instructional materials (lectures, labs, announcements, assignments, quizzes, etc.) Don't try to avoid this easy orientation to online courses offered for your benefit by Sierra College. You will find this information on the above online link to Sierra College. Enrolled students, your Blackboard Bio. Sci. 44 site is the primary location for finding required class assignments, materials, notices and activities.

This online course is a hybrid class with scheduled laboratory classes scheduled on the Rocklin campus. Some of the laboratory sessions will be conducted online in lieu of on campus lab hours. We are working hard to arrange and schedule these activities within the least number of visits possible yet provide you with a valuable laboratory experience as well as provide you with a class which is primarily online for your scheduling convenience. The specific dates have been determined and are listed in the table below. In addition, some of the testing will be in-class as well as online. Please make whatever personal arrangements are necessary for you to attend these important class sessions which will be held from 2 - 5:05 PM on Fridays. They will significantly improve your possibilities for a successful experience with this class.

Rocklin Campus, Fall 2006, In-Class Laboratory Sessions Are Now Planned:

All in-class laboratory session are scheduled for Fridays, from 2:00 P.M. to 5:05 P.M., in S114, Rocklin Campus.

 Friday In-class
Laboratory Dates
 Lab Session Topics
(for in-class sessions only)
Sept. 7 Intro to Micro. lab, Airplates and Microscope use
Sept. 14 Growth media, Aseptic technique & Pure culturing, Wet mounts
Sept. 21 Various Staining Techniques for Microorganisms
Oct. 19 Taxonomy, Diversity Lab (Animals, Fungi, Protista, etc.)
Oct. 26 Biochemical / Diagnostic Testing of Bacteria
Nov. 2 Complete Testing, Cultured & Fermented Foods
Nov. 16 Field Trip: Waste Water Treatment & Vernal Pools
Nov. 30 Electrophoresis, Blood typing, Intro to Immunology
(For all other weeks not listed here,
there will be online laboratory assignments.)

If you have any questions concerning this class, email the instructor, Harriet Wilson.

Please make whatever personal arrangements needed to attend these important class sessions. Plan ahead and benefit educationally from the coordination, reinforcement and hands-on laboratory experiences planned on these dates, especially for you! If for any reason you cannot attend these important class meetings or have specific questions concerning the class, please contact the instructor ASAP to discuss any possible make-up options that may exist and consequences (if any) of missing a class meeting.

A more complete Bio. 44 class schedule and class syllabus materials will be available on the Bio. 44 Blackboard Web site when the class begins.

Class Syllabus - Resources and Important Information.

Some of these files linked below still need to be updated for Fall 06 as a new instructor is hired to teach this class. In order to provide you some information as to how the class was taught in the past, some of the old links have been temporarily left for you.

Enrolled students, your Blackboard Bio. Sci. 44 site is the primary location to find required class assignments, materials, notices and activities.

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Important general information about the class is posted at the Bio. Sci. 44 Web site.
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