Sierra College Department of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences 4

Instructor: Harriet Wilson

Announcements as of: Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

Be ready for a quiz covering microbial nutrition and growth up through endo and exoenzymes. This quiz (quiz #5) covers just one lecture, so you should have had time to study the material thoroughly.

A new progress report has been posted and includes scores for materials up through Lecture Exam #1. Please check this for accuracy and let me know if you find errors. Many of you have not yet turned in the Soil Enrichment Assignment (see below), or the Morphological Unknown, so your percentages are very low. The Fungus Homework (Lecture Syllabus) has not yet been added.

The keys for lecture quizzes #1, #2, #3, #4 and lecture exam #1 have now been posted.

Remember that an important aspect of microbiology (recommended by prior students) is that you stay on task, do not fall behind, and get assignments in ASAP. It is time to begin semester projects!

Soil Enrichment Assignment - This assignment is associated with exercise #7 and will be due after the organisms enriched for have been Gram-stained and observed. The assignment is worth 25 points and will require the following: 1) A written report defining microbial enrichment, naming the three genera we enriched for, their unique characteristics that allowed for the enrichment, and what we did (medium type or procedure used); 2) A one-page color illustration showing example cells from each of the three genera (magnified 5000X); and 3) Three agar plates containing the organism types enriched for (these do not have to be pure cultures; however, this is a potential start point for a semester project).

Important email reminder:
if you are a currently enrolled microbiology student, please use my exclusive, class "" email address (see class syllabus information) to contact me instead of the "" address listed elsewhere.



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Did you know? Orchids of various types
form symbiotic relationships with fungi (mycorrhizae).

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