Sierra College Department of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences 22
Introduction to Botany

Introduction to Botany is a four (4) unit lecture and laboratory course (3 lecture hours plus 3 lab hours per week).
This course is primarily designed for non-biology majors interested in botany (plants) and meets the general education requirements for a life science laboratory course at Sierra. Bio. Sci. 22 introduces the general concepts of biology while emphasizing the significant and diverse world of plants and closely related organisms.

Visual Images for Class

• Plants of the Week - Spring 2004
• Photographic Plant Images
• Photomicrographs - Microscopic Images

Sierra College Biological Sciences:

Recommended Study Techniques

Web Links - Biological Sciences Resources

Instructor Contact Information:

Instructor: Shawna Martinez
Phone: 916-789-2975
Fax: 916-781-0433

Text, Laboratory Manual & Course Materials:

Text: Introductory Plant Biology, Kingsley Stern, 9th Edition
Lab Manual: Bio 22 Lab Manual, Medeiros and Martinez

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