Sierra College Department of Biological Sciences

Keely Carroll - Instructor

Biological Sciences 11: Concepts of Biology

Instructor Contact Information:

Instructor: Keely Carroll
College E-mail:
Phone: (916) 789-2832
Fax: (916) 781-0433
Office: (Rocklin) Room V-332A, (NCC) Room S-106

Introductory Class Information:

Bio. 11 Class Syllabus - Fall 2008

Online Student Letter to Bio. 11 Students (PDF download)

Biological Sciences Internet Links:

Recommended Study Techniques

Web Links - Biological Sciences Resources

Text and Class Content:

For this class, there will be a required textbook. The textbook for this class is:

"Essential Biology" - 3nd Edition, by the authors: Campbell, Reece, Simon & Mitchell- ISBN # 0805368426

To learn more about the book, visit the links provided or visit the Sierra College Bookstore.

General Course Information:

Bio. Sci. 11 is an introduction to the major concepts of biology as illustrated in plant and animal groups. Covers cell biology, heredity and nature of genes, evolution, diversity of life, and principles of ecology. Primarily for nonlife science majors desiring an introductory biology course with a lab. Not open to those who have completed Bio.Sci. 1, 10 or 56. Units: 4 - Advisory: Completion of English 50, or eligibility for English 11, or equivalent strongly recommended. Transfer: CSU/UC*

Thank you for your interest in Bio. Sci. 11.

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